Konobe minus Ransel kesayangannya

Konobe minus Ransel kesayangannya

Who is Konobe?

A fussy, Careless woman with a high curiousity especially about sharia economic. In a state of enjoying her life. She’s quite moody and have a penchant for saying : “I’m too lazy to do that”. Can be easily recognized by her oversized  bag which is supposedly to have books and her  9-year-old IBM Thinkpad laptop in it. But it is rumored that her bag is actually in fact a magic pouch, not unlike the one that Doraemon has on his tummy.

Her boss and friends always said there’re three things that could make her change her mind instantly: books, foods and movies.

Her dreams:
Doing Hajj before her 30 birthday, Get scholarship for Master (again) and PhD abroad, Go to Japan and meet KimuTaku then say: “I Like your Acting!”, backpackers around the world 😀

English capability:
No TOEFL, No IELTS, No GMAT, Really poor in Grammar, Quite good in Pronounciation.

Favorite Word of Wisdom: Learn till ‘death do us part’.

What she can never understand:
why those people just say ‘yes’ when I’m teaching? Haha…

3 Things about her that will shock you:
Her loud voice, Her book collection (Japanese Comic  and Fiction Novel), Her Eating habbit.


Her Life Journey:

1997: Move to Bandung from Cilegon for Senior High

2000 – 2005 : Went to college, can’t believe she could pass UMPTN with such grade (there must be some error in the computer). Became laboratory assistant just to get computer passw, and assistant lecturer because there’s no other people to handle it.

2005 – 2006 : try to build some business with her friends. Now she realized she’s too lazy at it.

2006 – 2008 : Decide to take another degree just to fulfill her curiousity in sharia economic. Work for one of insurance company and decide to left it after 5 month because she messed up her studying schedule.

2007 – now… : trapped in some financial planner consultant, with lots of ‘crazy’ good people there.

2009 – now… : trapped as a tutor in one of college in Jakarta (thanks god, it’s only one semester!).


You can contact her at  konobe@janganserakah.com, or add her YM ID: mippss@yahoo.com.

(Don’t forget to introduce your self, or she will “kick” you out of her YM ID list)

3 responses to “Konobe

  1. alinaprimasari


  2. aLe

    Mantab profilenya..

  3. Arie

    Wahh, mbak Konobe ini bukannya kakak kelas saya di gedung “Labtek V” ya?

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